October 26, 2011

Pre-production has begun

About a week or so ago, we all in Humanity Falls met up to do a rehearsal at our space. Being that this was about the fourth or fifth time Rich has practiced with us, he came down and decided to bring along his 4 track recorder/cassette and do some pre-production demo material of the 3 songs we currently have. Surprisingly, after playing our first song and playing it back in the headphones it started to become very clear that we were all in for more than what we originally envisioned. Hearing how the bass tone came out, the clarity in the notes between the guitars and the rhythm and groove of the drums made me very excited. We went back and tweaked a few things but hearing the music itself was the push in the right direction we all needed. Playing the music in a live setting and then hearing it back definitely put a whole new perspective on things and where we want to go when we begin recording in the studio this winter. There were no vocals performed in this live demo recording and even though there were a few mistakes on our part, we were all generally very impressed on what we've been working on for close to 3 months. I decided to add some titles to the first 2 songs, those being "Exaltation Disavowed" and "Existence Beyond Infinity"...and we came up with an idea for a lead and a solo in the second song. Vocals on my part will be added in the upcoming days and I believe once they are laid to rest it will add a new dimension to the haunting presence we're creating.

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