July 1, 2011

Update: Imminent Dehumanization Tour 2011

After a memorable show at Santos Party House in May with death metal legends Suffocation and Misery Index and another with Germany's Defeated Sanity, New York's death metal/grind trio Humanity Falls will be embarking on a mini-tour entitled "The Imminent Dehumanization Tour" with Virginia's own The Leviathan's Mandible. The short 5 day tour begins in Boston, Mass at Champion's Cafe and concludes in Montclair, New Jersey where they will be playing with California's Ash Borer and Ruin Lust (feat. members of Fell Voices) who are also on tour together. The Leviathan's Mandible will be touring in support of their upcoming 3 way split with Kindergarden Hazing Ritual and Baby Basher (for fans of Maruta, Phobia, Circle of Dead Children) and Humanity Falls has just recently released their debut album "Ordaining The Apocalypse" on The Path Less Traveled Records back in January. Please be sure to check out these bands if they are playing at a venue near you. All Humanity Falls tour dates and music (along with a streaming new track) are located below.


July 8 - Boston, MA - Champion's Cafe w/ Scaphism, Untombed
*No Leviathan's Mandible

July 9 - Dunellen, NJ - North Tavern (FREE SHOW)

July 10 - New York City, New York - Port 41 w/ Flourishing

July 11 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - JR's Bar w/ Hollenlarm, The Gurchick Tree

July 12 - Montclair, New Jersey - Meatlocker w/ Ash Borer, Ruin Lust


Entire set from Suffocation + Defeated Sanity shows!

For those of you who could not attend the show, we have uploaded the entire set from our shows with Suffocation/Misery Index and Defeated Sanity/Waking the Cadaver. These shows were dedicated to our fallen friend Gustavo Cunha of Carnal. Rest In Peace, brother!