August 31, 2010

Upcoming performances

Hear, hear! The question has been burning as of late by friends and fans; when will the next HUMANITY FALLS show be? Well, here is your answer. New Jersey Death Fest! This will be the 2nd annual death fest and we are honored to be apart of it. October 22 and October 23. Tix are available in advance from us. $40 for both days, and $25 for each individual day. Come out to Clifton and watch us perform. Interested parties, e-mail us over at We are being extra generous as our appreciation for the event. First buyer who purchases a ticket from us will receive a free copy of our debut full length and the last Humanity Falls logo shirt in existence! We only printed 20 copies of this shirt and after this it will be out of print, so come get one! We hope to see some of you fans who've asked us about our shows to be there! We will be having some more copies of Ordaining The Apocalypse to hand out that weekend, so come and enjoy the weekend with us. If you need more convincing to come on out and have a good time, the flier is below. See you there!

August 20, 2010

Humanity Falls signs with The Path Less Travelled Records

In a bit of unexpected yet fascinating news, HUMANITY FALLS has signed with THE PATH LESS TRAVELLED RECORDS. THE PATH LESS TRAVELLED RECORDS is a label based out of Central Illinois and have our friends Flourishing and Pyrrhon on the roster along with STATS and JAVELINA just to name a few. We feel that THE PATH LESS TRAVELLED is fully capable and understanding of our sound and what we want to do with our music and that the label offers a great opportunity to spread our grind to the masses! Special thanks to Sean for being interested in us and being eager to put out our debut CD with no compromise! We cannot wait!

THE PATH LESS TRAVELLED will be releasing our debut "Ordaining The Apocalypse" and it will available everywhere November 23. MARK YOUR CALENDARS! In the meantime, you can go to our myspace ( where it is currently streaming.


01. No Room For Ingenuity
02. Prolonging The Inevitable
03. To Have Or To Be?
04. The False Enmity
05. Denounced Manifestation
06. At The Temple of Everlasting Condemnation
07. Ordaining The Apocalypse
08. Immoral Abhorrence
09. Of Divine Nature


Our biggest (and last) show of the summer!

Special thanks to the fans and friends who came out to watch us perform two of our biggest shows of the summer. The Malevolent Creation show was one to remember as Malevolent Creation is one of our favorite bands. Interesting note, while Miguel (ex-drummer) was still in the band, we were in the stages of possibly covering "Living in Fear" from Eternal. Meeting Malevolent Creation was an honor for all of us. You can watch a video of us performing "The False Enmity" below. Afterwards, we treated them to a visit and a few beers at the new Duff's location in Brooklyn and then called it a night. The show with Triac, Curandera and Backslider was one to remember because it was our 2nd house show ever. Our first with Ed. Lots of friends and beer were to be drank and it was spectacular. The end of the night was spent on the porch finishing a keg and laughing at the guitarist of Curandera as he took us on a binge of The Smiths. Epic night, to say the least.

Unfortunately as of now, we have all collectively sat down and we realized that perhaps its time for real live to consume our daily activities. We've been playing non-stop shows since our new line up change last August and we need to write new material to maintain our sanity! Alas, this is what September will bring. We hope to take the month to write some new songs for a release next year. We work pretty quick and diligently so we hope to display a new track or two for the next line of performances! Stay tuned!