January 25, 2012

HF announces new bassist, guitarist + show for 2012!

After 3 months of silence, Humanity Falls would like to announce that we have acquired Zach Stern (Mortum/Nuklearenpest) to play bass and Stephen Lunapiena on second guitar. Stephen previously performed "At The Temple of Everlasting Condemnation" on our "Ordaining the Apocalypse" full length and brings a lot of dynamics to our sound. These acquitions were carefully selected and we will be kicking off the new year opening for Israeli black metal Eternal Decay and Penetration as direct support for their tour on Sunday, February 19 at the Loft in Poughkeepsie, New York. We will be debuting all new songs for this event. Any and all news regarding our EP recording and upcoming shows will be announced as the time draws near...but prepare yourself; the best is yet to come. Please be sure to show us support as it will be our first show since July. Advance tickets are being sold by us at $10. All interested parties be sure to contact us at humanityfallsband@gmail.com. Thanks! We wish you a prosperous and healthy new year!!!

Click link for event invite/details!
February 19 @ The Loft: Poughkeepsie, New York

October 26, 2011

Pre-production has begun

About a week or so ago, we all in Humanity Falls met up to do a rehearsal at our space. Being that this was about the fourth or fifth time Rich has practiced with us, he came down and decided to bring along his 4 track recorder/cassette and do some pre-production demo material of the 3 songs we currently have. Surprisingly, after playing our first song and playing it back in the headphones it started to become very clear that we were all in for more than what we originally envisioned. Hearing how the bass tone came out, the clarity in the notes between the guitars and the rhythm and groove of the drums made me very excited. We went back and tweaked a few things but hearing the music itself was the push in the right direction we all needed. Playing the music in a live setting and then hearing it back definitely put a whole new perspective on things and where we want to go when we begin recording in the studio this winter. There were no vocals performed in this live demo recording and even though there were a few mistakes on our part, we were all generally very impressed on what we've been working on for close to 3 months. I decided to add some titles to the first 2 songs, those being "Exaltation Disavowed" and "Existence Beyond Infinity"...and we came up with an idea for a lead and a solo in the second song. Vocals on my part will be added in the upcoming days and I believe once they are laid to rest it will add a new dimension to the haunting presence we're creating.

October 1, 2011

Humanity Falls celebrates 3 years!

The 3rd anniversary of the existence of Humanity Falls has just passed us. We have selected "Cor Aut Mors" as the title for our next recording with Mark Cooper of Mindrape Art handling the illustrations. Music is currently 3/4 complete, with pre-production to begin in several weeks. We are very anxious to spread our darkest sonic entity with this offering. For those who have inquired, we will not be concluding the year 2011 with any more performances, however we would like to thank those who have asked and plenty of others for their continued support through these years! All recording details, label news, album artwork and much more information will be forth coming. Continue your support by visiting us over at http://www.facebook.com/humanityfallsband, following our blog here or listen to our demo, promo or full length record "Ordaining the Apocalypse" on http://humanityfalls.bandcamp.com. Thank you very much and we will see you in 2012!

July 1, 2011

Update: Imminent Dehumanization Tour 2011

After a memorable show at Santos Party House in May with death metal legends Suffocation and Misery Index and another with Germany's Defeated Sanity, New York's death metal/grind trio Humanity Falls will be embarking on a mini-tour entitled "The Imminent Dehumanization Tour" with Virginia's own The Leviathan's Mandible. The short 5 day tour begins in Boston, Mass at Champion's Cafe and concludes in Montclair, New Jersey where they will be playing with California's Ash Borer and Ruin Lust (feat. members of Fell Voices) who are also on tour together. The Leviathan's Mandible will be touring in support of their upcoming 3 way split with Kindergarden Hazing Ritual and Baby Basher (for fans of Maruta, Phobia, Circle of Dead Children) and Humanity Falls has just recently released their debut album "Ordaining The Apocalypse" on The Path Less Traveled Records back in January. Please be sure to check out these bands if they are playing at a venue near you. All Humanity Falls tour dates and music (along with a streaming new track) are located below.


July 8 - Boston, MA - Champion's Cafe w/ Scaphism, Untombed
*No Leviathan's Mandible

July 9 - Dunellen, NJ - North Tavern (FREE SHOW)

July 10 - New York City, New York - Port 41 w/ Flourishing

July 11 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - JR's Bar w/ Hollenlarm, The Gurchick Tree

July 12 - Montclair, New Jersey - Meatlocker w/ Ash Borer, Ruin Lust


Entire set from Suffocation + Defeated Sanity shows!

For those of you who could not attend the show, we have uploaded the entire set from our shows with Suffocation/Misery Index and Defeated Sanity/Waking the Cadaver. These shows were dedicated to our fallen friend Gustavo Cunha of Carnal. Rest In Peace, brother!

June 3, 2011

Imminent Dehumanization Tour w/ The Leviathan's Mandible!

In mid-july we will be touring with The Leviathan's Mandible (grindcore for fans of Circle of Dead Children, Kill the Client, Maruta, etc.) from Virginia. The date and line-ups are below. Fliers and details for the events will correlate with the schedule in the upcoming days. Stay tuned!

Humanity Falls/The Leviathan's Mandible
Imminent Dehumanization Tour 2011

July 8: Boston, Massachusetts - O'Brien's Pub*
w/ Scaphism, more TBA

July 9: Dunellen, New Jersey - The North Tavern
w/ Hollenlarm, The Year Is One, Rogyapa

July 10: New York City, New York - Port 41, Times Square
w/ Flourishing, Nuklearenpest, Phthisis

July 11: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - JR's Bar
w/ Hollenlarm, more TBA

July 12: Montclair, New Jersey - Meatlocker
w/ Ash Borer, Ruin Lust, Nuklearenpest

*No Leviathan's Mandible

New review of "Ordaining the Apocalypse"!

Review of "Ordaining the Apocalypse" by CHOKING ON BILE!!! and Don't Count on It Reviews

"It had been so long since I have an original band as heard Humanity Falls. This trio from New York, the guitarist and singer also still active in Animals Killing People, implies "Ordaining The Apocalypse" their first full length album by The Path Less Traveled Records. Same label gave us last year's debut Flourishing and clearly has a strong taste for more experimental work. The band brings a very successful mix of gravel and aggressive death dissonate sounds that we often hear in bands like Immolation or Gorguts. Almost everything is well with this band. Highly original guitar playing, good vocals, a drummer, technically strong and excellent songs. Unfortunately they hit the ball violently to produce mass. The self-recorded demo songs barely reach level, what surely will discourage some potential listeners and also the artwork of Jeroen van Valkenburg (including Immortal) and the somewhat amateurish logo does not immediately fit into the picture. Unfortunate because the rest is death metal of the highest order! A band in the future we hopefully will hear from many!"

"The whole deathgrind scene isn't something I usually delve into, as most of it just doesn't do it for me. While I'm aware of several bands doing this sort of thing, most of them end up sounding pretty much the same, to my ears anyway. Since these guys were so kind as to ask me to give this a review, I figure I might as well try my hand at an experimental version of the genre.
I guess the first thing that really struck me on here was the production, which for the genre that they're playing, doesn't really work in my opinion. Instead of a bass heavy production, which is the style that I'm most familiar hearing in the brutal deathgrind scene, this is much more raw and sort of under produced, sounding a great deal quieter than most albums. I really don't think the production on here does the band justice, as it really underwhelms me, personally. This honestly sounds like it could be more of a demo than a full-length, to me anyway, but it just sounds too under produced to be a quality full-length album.
The band's style is a lot more interesting than most deathgrind band's I've listened to; and their more spastic style of playing is quite entertaining. While some tracks are quite good and feature some nice riffing, The False Enmity for instance, others just fail to impress and don't leave a lasting impression. I'm sure many are probably wondering if being crazy permits the title of experimental, well no, it doesn't, and the band don't even really move into experimental territory till about half-way into the record, with tracks like the post-rock sounding At The Temple of Everlasting Condemnation or the trippy title-track, Ordaining The Apocalypse. The vocals are pretty well varied from track to track, ranging from guttural lows to more high pitched wines and screams, and coming from someone who's listened to the vocalist's other band, Animals Killing People, I have to say his stuff on here is a lot better and tolerate.
Overall, this is a decent debut full-length, but I feel like the production just stops this from being all that it could be. Like I said, I'm not a big deathgrind fan to begin with, and that's pretty much half of this record. If you're into the more spastic sort of grindcore, check these guys out."

Overall Score: 7

Highlights: To Have Or to Be?, Denounced Manifestation, Ordaining The Apocalypse