December 27, 2010

Interview with Eston Browne - 12.08.2010

And it seems there are still many who do not know about Humanity Falls here, so give a brief history of the past and the band's most fresh information at present.

Humanity Falls began back in September of 2008 by Ammo and our ex-drummer Miguel. I formally met Ammo back at Carcass' reunion show here in New York where Miguel was at and Ammo knew of me because he saw me perform with Kresil, our former band a few years prior. I was already rehearsing with Miguel in Kresil, who played guitar in that band, and we shared the same rehearsal space so I was always there seeing Ammo and Miguel compose. Things within Kresil started to turn for the worse so whenever I'd come over to watch Miguel and Ammo rehearse, conveniently I would just sing along just for fun to liven up the sound of whatever they were doing. One day we just decided to expand and not just be a "jam-band" anymore and pursue a sound and a name. Miguel came up with the concept and name for "Humanity Falls" and it was game over from there (laughs). I thought it was pretty innovative what we were playing at the same, and wanted to be apart of it...I joined about a month later in October. Ammo and Miguel kept writing songs while I was away in Colombia touring with Animals Killing People and when we came back, we had a really tight rehearsal in a really long time as a band and a friend of ours was there with his 8 track recorder. He recorded us, and it sounded so good we were just like "we gotta make it into a demo!". So we did, and we had our first show. We had a huge string of shows from February up until August...I'd say about 20 to 25 shows in this period of time. Ammo and myself had a falling out with Miguel and parted ways, picking up Ed a month later. Luckily, I've played with Ed's band Psyphoria while I was in Kresil so we were already familiar with each other. I can say it was typically a case of it being a small world afterall. Ed came in, learned all of our songs in a pretty quick fashion and we started preparing for the recording of "Ordaining the Apocalypse" back in March of 2009. We recorded Ordaining the Apocalypse in April of this year, followed it up with our first tour in May (playing with some killer bands, I may add!), and were approached by the Path Less Travelled Records to release the full length. They've put out releases by our friends in Pyrrhon and Flourishing, so we took the bait. Ordaining the Apocalypse should be out early January and we're going to have a corresponding CD release show for all who have been following us up to date.

Humanity Falls' name is inspired by philosopher Erich Fromm and by the lyrics of the Immolation song "Failure For Gods" (Their lies will lull the chaos/While humanity falls around them/Impoverished, in droves they'll grovel/In confusion and fear they flourish). can you tell this to the truth?

This is the truth. It goes without saying in our music how much we love Immolation. There are influences all over. Our song "To Have or to Be?" is a book written by Erich Fromm which I suggest anyone into philosophy and psychology to pick up. A splendid read. I have a profound love for philosophers and their writings so I try to bring that to my lyrical content as much as humanly possible.

"Ordaining the Apocalypse " CD Is An Fuckin Real Kick Off Album And Has Already Become My Favorite Release Of 2010. This truly extraordinary work that I listen again. and Give me 4 Words for " Ordaining the Apocalypse " CD !!

THROW. THAT. CD. AWAY!!!!!(laughs)

About Process Recording "Ordaining the Apocalypse" Are You Satisfy with the Result ?? and How Response from the Audience after Release??

I think I'm satisfied about the result of "Ordaining the Apocalypse". Ed, Ammo and myself poured so much energy and emotion into the composition and recording that I feel may be really difficult to replicate the next time around. Only time can tell in that regard. We were really fired up when we recorded "Ordaining". Perhaps we could have taken more time with the recording session to gather our manifestations carefully but I think the audience will fully enjoy and be able to feel the anxiety and discomfort we've always wanted within our music.

And so far, if you are quite satisfied with THE PATH LESS TRAVELLED RECORDS since the release of this CD?

I'm more than happy with The Path Less Travelled. Sean's been really supportive and helpful through the entire process. I couldn't ask for it to be any other way. It always helps when we the guy putting out your CD is a fan, too!

I like to hear a recording session with " Live Track " on this CD ( But, This Great For me !! ) , whether it's already become your main desire when you recorded it? then why this is not much to get a touch of Digital Technology for the work of a more perfect?

I can speak for us all when I say we never wanted a clean and clear production job like many of the other bands around us have and many others desire for. It's always been this way for us. We abhor it and it's out of context. It doesn't sound natural to me, personally. It has yet to be seen, but I feel as if we had a clearer sound, a lot of other things, such as the feeling and emotion that we've wanted to convey will get completely lost and lose all meaning.

Then how do you think a perfect record for the Kill that sound? is it still using just a touch of Digital Technology?

I don't think there's ever a "perfect" sound. It's all up to interpretation. We prefer just an old-school analog sound. You create art that you'd want to appreciate and be proud of. You control your destiny. We value the organic sound so many bands have been producing that we look up to...and if it's not broke, why fix it? It's been this way for so long. You make the music that you want to listen to on YOUR terms. I see no logic in going to a recording studio and spending countless amounts of time and money and having someone else come up with a sound FOR you...which at the end you will want to change regardless. I believe that's what has become with a lot of our bigger named bands. Instead of having a record you can reflect and use as a stepping stone to create the "perfect" product, they break into the pressure by their listeners or by labels to change their sound or alter this or change that but never stand their ground on their artisitic beliefs. Hence why we've always spent time recording and mixing ourselves so we can mold and polish this statue into perfection. But as I said, its all up to interpretation. What we may feel is our core and perfect sound may not be the same for many others...but success or failure, in the end, we've controlled our fate.

Is there still a bad comment from several media " Arrogance " who still have not received this terrible work for reasons less popular in the media industry?

Music is music...even though there is arrogance and politics involved. If the media industry can appreciate our music for what it is, great for them. If not, so be it...but either way, we won't compromise our artistic intregrity. We'll still be making records...and someone will like it out there. There are plenty of bands that will suit to the way their ears are tuned. If someone can judge us based on our production and not our musicianship, then it is their loss.

Humanity Falls debute CD contains most musically complex and Intense hyper Sick material, do you also agree with my opinion of this? or there may be a little extra that can describe the true concept of music do you offer now?

I concur. The complexity is in the instruments, the intellect lies within the lyrics. A lot of the CD is a concept in and of itself of the band name "Humanity Falls". Each song carefully details a specific way in which mankind is self-destructing and results of our daily ignorance.

Is the play combines the Most talents you need to be united with the desire of other members?

I agree. Playing in this band for all of us, at times is some of the most physically challenging experiences I've ever had to endure...and that's what makes this music even more special.

I read the information band, if the band Morbid Angel, Discordance Axis, Gorguts, Immolation and Mithras became Inspiration your music, but I found many parts in the vein Fast Cryptopsy here, do you also agree with my opinion of this?

Cryptopsy? Interesting comparison. I've heard a lot of the Discordance Axis, Gorguts and Immolation in our music but never Cryptopsy. It's one of Ammo's favorite bands so it only makes more sense to me now. I can understand that though. Lord Worm and Mike DiSalvo have been influences on my vocals. When I first started listening to Cryptopsy and "None So Vile", the abrasiveness turned me off for quite awhile but one day it clicked. Much of the same can be said for "Ordaining the Apocalypse".

The core Objective is to play brutal and fast music inspired by some great Canadian bands, thus conserving a simple and humble approach in composition. some elements of music you catch me coming from some bands that I call it. whether this is the core concept since the band formed? and whether this is actually a real form of travel Humanity Falls Music?

The core concept of Humanity Falls since its inception is to be as abstract and extreme as possible and to bring back the expressive part of death metal that feels to be growing extinct. I'm sure as time passes and we grow older more influences will find its way into our music, but the essence of Humanity Falls is to be as extreme as possible while maintaining our experimentation.

Eston Browne, if you have found something Fresh together Ammo Diaz in Humanity Falls since the band formed? if you can compare several Part brutal with others in your band Katalepsy or Animals Killing People?

Each band is different in its own right...but I think Ammo's most definitely the most talented out of guitarists from past and present. He's got a odd sense of music that indeed may be fresh and what this genre yeah, we may be onto something with Humanity Falls. Only time can long as we all stay focused, the sky is the limit.

Then your opinion with drummer Edward Bednarek, whether Edward Bednarek has done a good job in Humanity Falls as the most you expect? how's the band Edward Bednarek like Rogyapa and Psyphoria after Edwards joined the Humanity Falls?

Ed's more of a guitarist than a drummer, surprisingly. He's gotten substantially better with time in both aspects. Rogyapa and Psyphoria are one of Ed's first bands. Rogyapa, he's doing guitar/vocals and he drums for Psyphoria. The sound of each band are different than Humanity Falls but Ed brings his identity and force to the table with each band. Ed's done an exceptional job all around since day one. Way more than what Ammo and myself originally asked for. Ed's clearly responsible for our sound as it currently you can tell between the sound of our first demo and the full length. He came in, learned our music and then completely turned it up and around on us...I credit Ed a lot for that because it's all made us better as a whole in pushing our sound to its maximum capability...and making Ammo a better guitarist and me a better vocalist. Ed's most contributed mainly to the drums as far as writing is concerned, but perhaps he'll write a few killer riffs for us in the future.

To you, a lyric in his presence do you think is something important or not at all, Music is more important ! how do you think a good lyric that? or you guys more importance on a concept of music without thinking of a lyrics?

I think lyrics to music are extremely important. It's the heart of the song, so to speak. A good sense of lyrics and vocabulary turns an above average song to an amazing one...and keeps it memorable and fresh in the listener's mind. It's the direct way to speak to the audience in ways that the music may not be able to translate.

Do you pay High Expensive to Jeroen van Valkenburg to make this CD artwork? Jeroen van Valkenburg also considering working on Artwork for popular bands like Immortal, Stalaggh, October Tide, etc ..

Nope! Jereon was super awesome enough let us use one of his paintings for this CD...and I think it came out spectacular! It's one of my favorites paintings from him

And do not forget to tell me about your appearance at the event "New Jersey Death Fest 2", because I see so many good bands and famous are also featured here. and whether the MORTAL DECAY and CONDEMNED still played very well today?

New Jersey Death Fest was killer! Special thanks to Gutter Christ and Gutter Christ Productions for having us out this year. Gutter Christ has been really supportive of us and it means a lot. Most of the bands played their hearts out and put on great performances, lots of people attended and it was an overall great time. Watching Condemned and Putrid Pile was the highlight of the weekend for me. Also, the fans who watched us were great as well! Thanks for coming out and showing support! We'd love to come back and play another death fest!

Do you think Far more memorable could be a stage with MALEVOLENT Creation? (Hello Phil Fasciana!!, Thanks for doing the Tour of Indonesia)

Playing with Malevolent Creation was probably one of the best things ever! Another one of my favorite bands! Meeting Phil, Bret and the rest of the guys and having them watch us play was phenomenal! It was even better that the show came several days after my 21st birthday, so I shared my first beer with them. I run into their guitarist, Gio at "Duff's" every now and then and he asks about the band so its exciting to know that one of your favorite bands remembers you.

Do you download songs on the Internet is a Crime Action for Mainstream Music Industry, but for bands that want to find popular is a good step, and whether the presence of MP3 is still too is considered something that is illegal for major label music industry?

I download religiously...but at the same time, I buy CD's from the bands and artists that merit it. In this day and age, I think its needed for more people to download and find other means of support. Whether its going to a show, or buying merchandise. With so many trends and terrible bands out there, it's essential to try before you buy. Besides, for some...access to discs and cassettes and DVD's are hard to come by and it may be more conveinent to digitally get your favorite disc to avoid the expensive shipping and handling fee. I'm sure we all wouldn't mind going broke for just a few days over that new Morbid Angel CD, but is it really worth it? For example, for someone who lives in Thailand or Indonesia, I'd suggest for them to buy a download or download it for free because the costs to their country with the disc included would be way more than if they got it without even leaving their home. I think downloading is also very needed to avoid incessant space for people who only periodically listen to discs or discs of bands they only really enjoy. I'd prefer it if someone were to download and delete it from their computer hard drive than to go out, spend $10 to $20 dollars of their hard earned cash on the CD only to sell it back to the store or let it sit on their shelf forever, never letting the CD see the light of day or using it as a coaster. This process is a good way for listeners to find out what their niche is musically instead of wasting time and for others to expand on their tastes more on what they already know. That's why our disc is available to download. If people genuinely like the music and want the packaging, they'll buy it. We want to merit people buying our disc. Labels need to realize that people will show their support regardless. It's just a matter of how to get the people to do it is where the real work lies.

What Can We Expect From Humanity Falls Over The Next Few Years After " Ordaining the Apocalypse " CD?

I can't tell you what the future holds, but with how we're doing thus can expect much more of the same but in different ways. We'll take it as it comes. There are some things we are working on and others that may come as time progress. Expect the unexpected.

Thank you very much for your time for this, give you the best last words in this simple interview to Lost In Chaos Readers, Take a Best and You Rule !!

You're welcome Herry! Last but not least, be sure to use your mind and stay strong! We are living in a materialistic world, a world confined by technologies and by manipulations by the powers that be...forced to deter our brains from the truth in our society. They use this as a means for their imperialistic globalist agenda. Open your eyes and realize the real lies before you. Stand forth and bring back the integrity of our humanity! They will only bring us down if you allow it to happen!!! Any and all readers can do their job at supporting us by downloading our disc or visiting us at We also have a website at

Humanity Falls featured on it's first compilation!

"The False Enmity" has been chosen to appear in Humanity Falls' first compliation CD! It's available for download only at the link below. Make sure to check out the other bands as well, a special tribute to bands like us supporting the underground!!!

Tunnel To The Underground

December 15, 2010

"Ordaining the Apocalypse" now available for pre-order!

Pre-orders for our debut full length "Ordaining the Apocalypse" are available for purchase at! If you are interested in a copy, you can click here!!!

Official due date: January 18, 2011. We will be having a corresponding CD release show to accommodate the official release, more details to come soon. A few reviews for Ordaining the Apocalypse can be found below by reading or clicking the link.


For Me, there is something that attracted the attention when you first listen to the band's work from New York. New Comer of the form in 2008 by 2 Member whose name we know in the band Brutal Animal Killing People, vocalist and guitarist Eston Browne and Ammo Diaz, who then invites Drummer talented and Wild, Edward Bednarek from Rogyapa and Psyphoria band, with the name of Humanity Falls which was taken from a philosopher named Erich Fromm and one of the songs owned Immolation entitled "Failures For Gods" which the lyrics read "Their lies will from Lull the chaos / While humanity falls around Them / Impoverished, in droves they'll grovel / In confusion and fear They Flourish ", the band is carrying the concept of Brutal Death Metal In The fast-paced vein Cryptopsy, Discordance Axis, Gorguts, Immolation, Pig Destroyer until they Pair the composition of Evil and Fast. The most interesting is, if the Material on this Recording album was not much using digital manipulation technique that is now 100% for Making Perfect Music!, but the difference with this band that still perform Humane without the polish with the technology, so it may be Raw The concept, this recording sounds like the record in Live Track course:), but it was guitarist and vocalist of this band have featured characters are far different from the previous band, this may be a process of forming their new saturation Humanity Brutal Falls to play with more Wild! stage performance this band is pretty famous band can play together Krallice, Gigan, Misery Index, Blasphemer, Malebolgia, Malevolent Creation and many more. in the open with the song "No Room for Ingenuity" became the first wild Tracks played with super fast tempo is a bit reminiscent to the style Crytopsy, a more steady performance they show off here. Ultra Fast as fuck with Chaotical Depression! Drummer Edward Bednarek stamina does provide a space of freedom for him to play the technical skills and real. 9 Track An Imminent Castotrophe Amongst Humanity at play within a duration of 31:15 minutes, which are all fast paced and kill! comes with a cover by artist Jeroen van Valkenburg who previously worked on the band's famous cover Immortal, Stalaggh, October Tide, etc helped decorate the main artwork of this release. Maybe for those who want to feel the onslaught of deadly Cryptopsy that created more Chaotic again? gave time for you to listen to this release.


This is the debut full-length from this US. Death Metal trio, it contains 9 tracks of brutal, grinding, violent, sick, abrasive Death Metal madness. The songs are fast, really fast, the riffs are sick, technical, brutal and harsh at the same time, the vocals are deep, growled screams and the drumming is just pure excellence, perfect for this kind of twisted music. With this music there is no compromise, there is no quarter given it is just 31 minutes of blasting ear violence. Maybe not for all into Death Metal, but definitely for those that enjoys the more technical and grinding side of Death Metal.


"Ordaining the Apocalypse" by New York's experimental death metal slash grindcore band Humanity Falls is definitely an interesting review for me that's for sure. That isn't meant in a bad way at all just to be clear. Experimental death metal slash grindcore pretty much sums it all up in a nut shell too. You will be able to tell this right off the bat with their opening track "No Room for Ingenuity". Total insanity and chaos runs rampant. Controlled chaos? Controlled insanity? Possibly. One thing is for sure though and that is that drummer Ed Bednarek and guitarist Ammo Diaz both go nuts. Supersonic, bordering human, grinding drum work by Bednarek not only throughout this opening track but throughout the whole album. Throw in some extremely fast drum fills and some jazzy beats to that mix while you're at it. Ammo's guitar work is flat out nuts. Eerie sounding chords and chord progressions, finger tap and slides, pick slides, brutal deathgrind riffs, pretty much anything you can think of as long as it involves his fingers to take up every inch of the fretboard. And let's not forget about Eston Browne's (Animals Killing People) vocals. Eston has some pretty sick gutturals sounding like they're coming from the pits of Hell for the most part. However, he will also stab you in the back of the neck with some blood curdling demented screams with vocal patterns that go very well with the craziness going on around him. That craziness does, however, take a break in the form of their seventh track "At the Temple of Everlasting Condemnation" which is a clean electric guitar instrumental. This track has some odd stuff in it and almost acts as one of those relaxation tapes with the various sounds and effects which lasts for three minutes and forty one seconds. Just when you are about to drift off to sleepyville though, track eight and title track "Ordaining the Apocalypse" starts off in somewhat the same way as the instrumental. Kind of quiet and mellow for a couple seconds and the BAM! A swift kick in the nuts to wake you back up to the insanity. The production of this release is somewhat raw but it works well. I think I would've liked to have heard Eston's vocals a little bit more though. If you like a couple cups of chaose with your cereal in the morning I suggest checking these guys out. I personally would love to see their live set in person. I bet it's a blast.


The word “experimental” makes me flinch when used to describe music. I'm not usually partial to any deliberate re-engineering of the metal genome. Humanity Falls, however, have cooked up a compelling transgenic beast of an album.

So what is the experiment here precisely? Take the unhinged rhythmic essence of Discordance Axis, splice in some slap happy Gorguts DNA, some chop suey Suffocation brutality and add a bit of otherworldly Immolation anti-melody. Lastly, inject some absurd Larry LaLonde guitar madness and see where it takes us. If this doesn't sound appealing to you on paper, you should stop reading right now.

Before I skip off on an ecstatic exegesis of Ordaining The Apocalypse, you've got to know that this is a self-produced affair. The mix on the album is raw but ultimately comfortable and punchy. I wouldn't mind if the guitar was a bit further in the forefront, but the organic recording draws out a genuine vitality that might otherwise be squashed.

Any exploration of the Discordance Axis aesthetic would be DOA without some righteous drumming. Edward Bednarek definitely has what it takes. He's got a lock on that unrestrained, whip-crack Dave Witte vibe, overflowing with lightning fast fills. Although Ordaining The Apocalypse has a loose, click-track be damned soul, the drumming here sounds nothing short of amazing to my unprofessional ears.

Most of the experimental spirit on Ordaining The Apocalypse is expressed through the guitar work of Ammo Diaz. “No Room For Ingenuity” kicks off the album with slip n' slide Gorguts riffs spliced onto a grind corpse. Absolutely incredible, tight grinding death metal riffage frequently unfurls into free-form noise before coiling back around the taut drumming. Strange melodies seesaw over raging blast beats to create a pleasantly unsettling atmosphere.

Eston Browne's guttural roar bears an uncanny resemblance to Frank Mullen in his prime. His voice lends a more brutal air to the proceedings, emanating menace and madness. Floating on top of jack hammer drumming and inhuman riffage, Eston's insane screams churn up a perfect storm of rage. The subtle lyrics deal with persecution, madness, occasional savage violence and unsurprisingly, the apocalypse. An anti-religious sentiment is also enjoyably prevalent. As you can surmise, the subject matter runs more towards the band's death metal heritage, which is fine with me.

Crushing riffage and insane drumming are at the core of this chromosomal curiosity, but some of the best moments on Ordaining The Apocalypse are also the strangest. There are times when the curious riffs make me think distinctly of Primus (minus the bass, of course). “Denounced Manifestation” features a wide open back end where Edward Bednarek lets loose some absurd, freewheeling drum patterns while Ammo saut├ęs some frizzle fry magic. It's superlative. “At The Temple of Everlasting Condemnation” is a tremendous clean guitar instrumental that could have come from the hands of either Gustavo Santaolalla or Trey Azagthoth. The echoing cathedral consonance is a perfect break in the album's brutality.

Ordaining The Apocalypse is an engaging experiment in unrestrained discordance, but constituted of a surprising cohesion. There's a solid sensibility couched in the adventurous nature of these songs that I appreciate. I've been enjoying this album a hell of a lot; many imaginary citrus fruits have met their demise during my listening sessions. I can't help but wonder how Humanity Falls would sound with a full studio treatment. Would a “clean” and vigorous production suck the life out of these tunes? I'm not sure, but I'd love to hear it. This band has tremendous potential, and they kill live.

And just for show-and-tell, here's another not so nice review.


"Experimental metal"... 9 times out of 10 it's pretty much just another term for shit. I'm all for progressive structures, technicality, hell I can stomach my fair share of blasturbation, and even grind. However this is where I draw the line. Take some Gorguts ala Obscura, add some grind, blasturbation, and some almost Primus style guitar work and you have the sound of Ordaining the Apocalypse.

Yes, this is utterly puke-worthy. An almost migraine inducing wreck of an album that any self-respecting fan of heavy metal should steer clear of. To be fair this is barely even music, the drummer basically just blasts his way through adding random fills, which are admittedly good – there's no denying his talent. The guitarist just plays over the top with jangling discordant guitar work and whenever he fancies it, plays the odd riff which when he does aren't too bad either. As for the singer, his vocals aren't horrible by any stretch but are unspectacular, it feels like he just screams whenever he fancies it. The production gives off a very loose feel to it, which really makes this sound like a couple of guys fucking about in their basement trying to piss the neighbors off.

Well, that's all I really have to say about Ordaining the Apocalypse. The only real redeeming factor as far as I'm concerned is the artwork which is really cool but doesn't really fit the feel of the music. This is one for the super trendy brutal kids, who will no doubt proclaim these guys as visionaries. Well they aren't, this is just a bunch of dudes pissing about. In the album's just under 34 minute run time, I'd say there are collectively 5 or 6 minutes of good music which are the actual death metal parts. As for the rest? It sucks.