April 11, 2011

Update 2011 - Help Us Open For Suffocation!

It's been a long time since we have issued an update. Apparently we aren't the most blog-savvy band out there. Due to the dying technologies and growing popularity, we are no longer keeping track or responding to inquiries or correspondence on our myspace page. The best way to keep in contact with Humanity Falls for all upcoming events is through our e-mail (humanityfallsband@gmail.com), facebook or on here. You can still listen to "Ordaining the Apocalypse" which will still be streaming there and through many other online outlets. For all who've purchased a CD from us or through our label...thank you!

Special thanks are given to the bands Rogyapa, Shiro Ishii, Iwa Jima Medkit and Painted Rust for giving us a time to remember at our CD release shows this past January and Vilipend for sharing the stage with us on an abysmal show on super bowl sunday. We want to thank Malignancy for allowing us to share direct support and Catbomb for allowing us to play with Amputee, Backslider and Nimbus Terrifix! Next up, we are proceeding to write a follow-up to "Ordaining the Apocalypse" and planning for an upcoming tour in the summer. We are not sure where we will be going but we hope to see you on the road! Please continue spreading the word of Humanity Falls! To all of our fans...we currently have no local shows available as of right now...however, New York Death Metal legends Suffocation are in search for an independent opener in the New York area for their show at Santos Party House May 15 with Misery Index and we would like to play! If you would like Humanity Falls to be on this event, please send an e-mail over to emg.joann@gmail.com and request for us to play! The more people we have request, the better and you'll be doing us a huge favor. To all who participate, thank you!

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