August 31, 2010

Upcoming performances

Hear, hear! The question has been burning as of late by friends and fans; when will the next HUMANITY FALLS show be? Well, here is your answer. New Jersey Death Fest! This will be the 2nd annual death fest and we are honored to be apart of it. October 22 and October 23. Tix are available in advance from us. $40 for both days, and $25 for each individual day. Come out to Clifton and watch us perform. Interested parties, e-mail us over at We are being extra generous as our appreciation for the event. First buyer who purchases a ticket from us will receive a free copy of our debut full length and the last Humanity Falls logo shirt in existence! We only printed 20 copies of this shirt and after this it will be out of print, so come get one! We hope to see some of you fans who've asked us about our shows to be there! We will be having some more copies of Ordaining The Apocalypse to hand out that weekend, so come and enjoy the weekend with us. If you need more convincing to come on out and have a good time, the flier is below. See you there!

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